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The Brand Logo Collection

In an ever changing world, there remain values that are tested and true - timeless principles and symbols deserving to be embraced and embodied by each new generation.

Remember the Past

Create a Brighter, Stronger Future

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Join us on our journey to improve the communities in which we live, where we’re reminded of the Sankofa – a mystical South African bird encouraging us to look to the past to gather what’s needed for a successful future.


Ragisan believes in identifying and bringing forward values and principles which lead to success - our focus is the future. We do not advocate revisiting the past in order to rest there - our mission is to invest in timeless practices which contribute to abundant present and new generations.


When you purchase our apparel, you’ve contributed to the success of another human being. When you wear our clothing, you’re wearing a part of a fellow human’s development; you connect with a part of them, and they carry a piece of you into their successes for life.  


This inaugural collection represents the heart of Ragisan and the art of purposeful, social business. This collection should be worn by individuals who have a similar mind as ours – that we are collectively responsible for our current condition and future generations’ success. And that we collectively have untapped potential waiting to be unlocked and released by time-tested wisdom and principles from the past. 


If our clothing inspires you to imagine and push for an improved community based upon key traditional beliefs, or believe in a better world tomorrow because you’ve seen the power of positive past relationships, then our mission is in motion.


Welcome to Ragisan, where clothing is more than just covering – it’s a movement.

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