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Remember the Past

Create a Brighter, Stronger Future

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The Ragisan (RAH-gee-sahnlogo is an interpretation of the Sankofa, a West African symbol depicted by a mystical bird flying forward while looking backwards (to the past) with an egg in its mouth. The egg symbolizes a new generation, and the bird flying forward while looking backwards reminds us that we must look to the past in order to be successful in the future; we should not be ashamed to return to the past to retrieve knowledge, wisdom and understanding.  


In the “villages” of today, there is much that we should return to get from the past.  We should harness past wisdom and knowledge to improve the images we have of ourselves, the education of our new generations and relationships with each other.  Most importantly, we should reach back to secure those behind us while we plan to move forward toward success.  The Ragisan symbol is to remind us of this responsibility.


Our goal is to improve our physical community by making it more vibrant, sustainable and peaceful.  We deliver on that commitment by focusing our attention and resources on quality education, positive imagery and depth of relationships (Knowledge, Imagery and Relationships) within the community.



We Know

Knowledge and education are the cornerstones of a healthy community.  With knowledge/educated minds, a community can sustain foundational functions such as growing/ selecting leaders to sustain governmental functions, generating revenue and continuing the education required to sustain employment within its boundaries.

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We See

A community well equipped with developed minds looks different than those that don’t (both visually and economically).  Not only does a well-educated community look different to those outside the  community, it looks different to those within the community; residents see the community as a valuable asset and see each other for the potential they possess to enrich and strengthen the lives of all. 


When residents see each other for the value they possess, they interact with each other (and those outside the community) with anticipation for everyone’s mutual benefit and development.  Imagery comes in many forms – personal appearance, music, print media, infrastructure, institutions, etc.



We Want

The ability for a community to form lasting, fruitful relationships enables it to grow beyond its internal capabilities.  Once other (people or businesses) feel/want to invest in a community, the community can thrive and grow beyond its own resources.


The old saying is true – it really does take a village to raise a child.  Ragisan is an entry into a new village – a digital community dedicated to bringing the wisdom of cultivating knowledge, inspirational imagery and positive relationships forward for the benefit of current and new generations.  When you support Ragisan, you support critical community pillars, as a portion of all proceeds funds our philanthropic endeavors with our partners. 

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